The #mobitopia bot

The latest version of mobibot is always available via GitHub.

About mobibot

mobibot is the #mobitopia IRC channel bot written in Kotlin.

mobibot is making extensive use of various open source libraries, including:

mobibot was written by Erik C. Thauvin as a replacement for the channel's original ChumpBot.


mobibot's main functionality is to capture URLs posted on the channel. The URLs are automatically gathered into a publishable RSS feed and saved on Pinboard.

Other features include:

Some of the internal features include RSS feed backlogs, rolling logs, debugging toggle and much more.

If you have any feature suggestions, please post them to the mobibot wiki.

Using mobibot

To use mobibot, simply join #mobitopia on and type:

mobibot: help

mobibot will reply with a listing of the commands currently supported.


There are various open source licenses attached to mobibot. Please refer to the licenses directory in the source tree for more details.